Spay and Neuter Benefits Pet Health and Animal Welfare

Spay and Neuter Benefits Pet Health and Animal Welfare
As a pet owner, the decision to spay or neuter your pet is one of the most important choices you can make. At Brecksville Animal Hospital, we respect each pet owner’s personal choice; however, we strongly recommend spaying and neutering pets. Spay and neuter offers many important health benefits for pets, including reducing the risk for certain cancers and health problems. Spay and neuter can also help curb unwanted behavior by focusing a pet’s attention on the family, rather than finding a mate. Most importantly, with over three million animals euthanized each year in shelters, spaying or neutering your pet helps to reduce the unwanted animal population.

Brecksville Animal Hospital Spay and Neuter for Your Pet Well-Being
Spaying and neutering pets before they reach sexual maturity offers many important health benefits. For example, spaying females significantly reduces the risk for breast cancer. Sadly, this cancer is fatal in 90 percent of cats and 50 percent of dogs. Neutering male dogs before the age of six months reduces the risk for testicular cancer.

Additionally, neutering males helps to curb unwanted behavior, such as spraying indoors to mark territory or attempting to escape and find a mate. Early neutering helps avoid many aggression problems in male dogs and cats. Spaying females also means that pet owners will not have to deal with their dog going into heat during breeding season, yowling or urinating in order to attract a mate.

Spay and neuter are routine surgical procedures that are safe for pets of all ages. Dr. Sherri Perdue recognizes that any surgical procedure, no matter how routine, can still be a stressful experience for pets and their owners. We work closely with pet owners to make spaying and neutering as safe and stress-free as possible. Pets receive anesthesia prior to surgery, are carefully monitored during and immediately following the operation, and are sent home with detailed post-surgical care instructions.

If you are considering spaying or neutering your pet, Dr. Sherri Perdue and staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about this procedure, the recovery process, and the health benefits. To learn more, please contact our Brecksville Animal Hospital at 440-526-8350.

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